Its Only Me!

2014-03-11 04:58:23 by PIKEO

Hi everyone, thought I would introduce myself to your community, hopefully I will be able to bring the same content as you all have done.  My name is Paul Pike, I'm from the UK, North East to be precise, was born February 26th 1981.  I have been creating artwork from a very early age and it is what I live for as well as my love ones in my life, that goes with out saying.  3-4 years ago I discovered digital art and have been homing my talent ever since.  I work in full time employment with Pepsico International and with my time off I dedicate myself to art.  Can be hard to balance at times and I have been very successful in completing several pieces for numerous clients.  I hope to find great fellow artists on this site and hope you enjoy my work.